Unposted Management Fee Detail Report

Would you like to review the details of the Management Fees Calculated before posting? You can do so by reviewing the Unposted Management Fee Detail Report. The report will summarize by property or GL.

Management Fees Setup

Work with the Yardi Experts

Setting up a management company as a property will enable you to run financials and aging reports for the selected management company.

Show Cash Balance Feature

Do you want to view cash balances before and after select invoices are committed and processed? This function will assist in managing cash and determining the amount needed during check runs.

Adjust Lease Charges 

Need help making rent and subsidy adjustments for LIHTC, HOME, or market residents? Using the Adjust Lease charge function, you can update resident lease charges in past and current periods. This function will need to be completed for both rent and subsidy charge codes. Affordable Entire Set Menu-> Charges-> Adjust Lease Charges. 

Affordable Helpful Links 

Access to the HUD handbook, TRACS homepage, HUD Clips, Rent and Income limits, etc., has never been easier. The Affordable Helpful Links menu can do just that, Affordable Entire Set-> Affordable-> Helpful Links.

50059 Voucher Audit Report 

Identify transaction mismatches between the voucher and general or tenant ledgers. The 50059 Voucher Audit Report will help with the voucher and ledger cleanup.

50059 Current Income Category

Communities that manage a specific percentage of residents within the 50059 income limit category can find the 50059 Current Income Category report useful as it separates the households by income category and provide summary percentages for the entire property.