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ApexSQL – Search All Database Values

ApexSQL – Search All Database Values

I’ve used various stored procedures to search an entire database for a value. Recently, I found this free tool ApexSQL Search by Quest. You can easily search the entire database for a value. ApexSQL installs directly into SQL Server Management Studio.

Use case: There is a value on the front-end website, but you are not sure where in the database that value is stored.

Example: “Flat Amount” on the tenant screen, and you want to see which table/column stores that value.

Using ApexSQL Search you can easily find the value.

After installing ApexSQL, click on “ApexSQL >> ApexSQL Search >> Text Search” from the menu bar.

You’ll see the window below displayed. Enter in your search term, check or uncheck the column data types you want to search. Finally, click on “Find”.

In the results pane, you’ll see the table name, schema, database name, and the column value.

To download ApexSQL, click on the image below.

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