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Are You Seeing Double? (On the commit payment screen)

When reviewing your payments before processing them, you notice they are higher than expected. After drilling into the detail, the amount is correct, but it is double on the summary screen. There’s an easy fix for this. Voyager has a tool that can be run called Rebuild Commit Payments. Rebuilding the commit payments is accessible via the System Administration role. Navigate to System Administration >> Toolbox >> Rebuild Commit Payments. After this process completes, the summary and detail should match.

Rent Café Affordable Housing

What should be the first step in preparing for Rent Café Affordable Housing? Making sure all residents have updated email addresses in Voyager. You can

Yardi One

If at any time a Yardi One Group record needs to be renamed, changes can be made without affecting users or applications tied to the

Yardi One

It is recommended to have at least two users with administrative rights to make changes to your Yardi One setup.