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Robust Search Tool

Have you ever been looking for a file but cannot remember where you saved it in the thousands of folders on your laptop? After wasting a lot of time searching for the file, you remember there was a key word you within the file. You pull up Windows Explorer type in the key word. After waiting 15 minutes, you see the following message. “No items match your search”. Ugh!

Getting frustrated with Windows Explorer, I found a tool called AstroGrep. This tool has made searching for files a breeze.  Below is how it works

Let’s say you were working on a query, and you want to see if you have any existing queries saved that references a particular table or phrase.  In AstroGrep, you simply enter in the search path, the file types, and the search text. 

After the search completes, you can click on the file in the right pane, and AstroGrep will show you the context where the search words are in the file.

AstroGrep is a Open Source user-defined file search utility and can be downloaded on the logo below.

Download AstroGrep

Click on the AstroGrep logo above to download

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