Payment Processing

How can you ensure that you receive notifications of recurring payments, failed payments, etc. By using the Payment Processing Admin role: Setup-> Email Notifications Setup. You can then select the notifications you would like to receive.

Payment Processing

Can tenants set up recurring payments? What types of charges can they pay? Your company can customize how tenants make payments and how those payments are applied by setting up payment manager. We can help with that!

Rent Café Affordable Housing

Any verification or custom letters need to exist in Voyager prior to being utilized in Rent Café Affordable Housing. You can verify letters are in Voyager by: Setup->Letter->Review Letter.

Rent Café Affordable Housing

What should be the first step in preparing for Rent Café Affordable Housing? Making sure all residents have updated email addresses in Voyager. You can verify that information by using this path: Analytics->Residential Analytics->Resident Directory.

MI or IC Certifications

When are move in or initial certifications required? 1) Households that moved in within the past year. 2) LIHTC Residents-HOME Residents-Rural Development Residents and Local Program Residents.

Compliance Monitor

The Voyager Compliance Monitor Screen is used to review LIHTC, HOME, and local housing program compliance. This is an available tool top confirm that a project complies with the program rules.

Reversing HAP Vouchers

You must reverse the voucher in which they were created. If the resident has another voucher that is later than the voucher that you are reversing, reverse the later voucher first. Quick Note: You cannot reverse a voucher if it has been approved or paid.