• Macros - Repeating the same behavior on each row I’ve been using NotePad++ for many, many moons. I found it to be one of the best text editors out there and you can download it for free. Using the macros in NotePad++ has saved me tons of time. You can
  • The Problem Several associates have asked me how to easily export an Excel workbook with multiple tabs into a CSV file. I find myself going back to this script very frequently, particularly when I have data that I need to import into a database table. Using this Powershell script you will
  • This is a utility that I use probably use 10 hours a day.  Prior to using Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager, I was using the Remote Desktop Manager from Microsoft.  It got the job done but was lacking the bells and whistles of Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager has. Click Here To Download
  • There are times when writing a custom report, that a string is returned and you will want to bust up the string and process each value individually. With SQL Server 2016, you can simply use the built-in function “split_string”. For SQL Server databases prior to SQL Server 2016, you have
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