Rent Café Affordable Housing

What should be the first step in preparing for Rent Café Affordable Housing? Making sure all residents have updated email addresses in Voyager. You can verify that information by using this path: Analytics->Residential Analytics->Resident Directory.

Previewing the TIC (Tenant Income Certification) before creating a 50058 (PHA)

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You can preview the TIC before creating 50058 and TIC forms. Project Based Voucher and Public Housing Layered subsidy residents can now preview the TIC. If an Affordable program is selected on the FDI Screen, the TCI preview report is found in Reports Menu of the Family Detail Screen. You can select TIC Preview- HOME […]

Move In Date Mismatch Report

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Do you need to make corrections to the move in date on the resident screen as the move in date does not match the effective date on the move in certification. The move in date mismatch report can help: Affordable Housing Side Menu-> Reports-> 50059 Audit Reports-> Move Out Date Mismatch.

Tax Credit Monthly Procedures

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Make sure that you do not miss a step when completing month end tasks. By using the Monthly Procedures Quick Menu will list to do tasks in order. Items include notifications of upcoming residential dates, posting of rents, receipts and reporting reviews.

Affordable Accounting Exceptions Report

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Do you want to avoid ledger errors? By using the Affordable Accounting Exceptions Report you can identify HAP and non-HAP transactions resulting in inaccuracies. Utilizing this report will provide guidance, possible causes and number of instances the issue/error appears within one or several properties.

Rent Cafe Affordable Housing Wait List

Do you want to allow applicants to complete one application yet apply to several waiting lists at once? You can modify/update your current workflow with this additional step. The option will then be available to your applicants.

Filtering Recertification Notices

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It is recommended to print recertification notice letters at least twice during the month. In order to avoid the family to receive the first and second notice on same day the filters need to be updated. Ex. April 1-April 10 and April 11-30. The household will then receive notices on different days.

Scheduled Annual Recertification Report

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Where can you find a list of the upcoming recertifications? Report Name: Scheduled Annual Recertification-> Affordable Monthly Procedures->Weekly Reports->Report Type-> Scheduled Annual Recertification. You can then use filters to select the date range.

Adjust Lease Charges 

Need help making rent and subsidy adjustments for LIHTC, HOME, or market residents? Using the Adjust Lease charge function, you can update resident lease charges in past and current periods. This function will need to be completed for both rent and subsidy charge codes. Affordable Entire Set Menu-> Charges-> Adjust Lease Charges.