Yardi's Commercial Module

Commercial Yardi’s Commercial module handles all components of your real estate business, including invoicing, payables, budgeting, and tenant management, on one platform. Yardi’s Commercial Module About Yardi’s Commcercial Module Yardi Commercial acts as a centralized location and source of truth for your commercial real estate data as it can give you an up-to-date snapshot of […]

Create A Commercial Property Template

As your company grows we suggest you create a commercial property template that can be used every time you need to set up a new commercial property. There are dozens of configuration settings that must be set. Set up a template then copy that template to the new properties. Create a new property with a […]

Change A Commercial Lease Without Creating An Amendment

The Commercial module has a utility called Lease Maintenance which allows you to change the status, De-Activate, or Enable/Disable Edit. Using this tool allows you to modify a lease without having to go through the Amendment process. A very useful tool for Lease Maintenance that not many know about. You can access the tool by […]