Unposting Management Fees

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Need to recalculate your management fees after they have been posted? You can un-post the payable or journal entry and/or batch. To un-post these fees, you would access: Payables-> Management Fees-> Unpost Management Fees Calculation.

Concession Burn Off Report

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Does your company want to keep track of available leasing specials? The CONCESSION BURN OFF REPORT shows you the total specials, current and remaining lease amounts, as well as allows you to view both market and resident rent specials. These leasing specials can be viewed by unit or unit types.

Unposted Management Fee Detail Report

Would you like to review the details of the Management Fees Calculated before posting? You can do so by reviewing the Unposted Management Fee Detail Report. The report will summarize by property or GL.

Management Fees Setup

Work with the Yardi Experts

Setting up a management company as a property will enable you to run financials and aging reports for the selected management company.

Show Cash Balance Feature

Do you want to view cash balances before and after select invoices are committed and processed? This function will assist in managing cash and determining the amount needed during check runs.

Social Security Number Masking

Yardi offers several permissions to help safe guard Personal Identifying Information (referred to as PII). The most common data element that is used in fraudulent activity is the social security number. Your organization should limit who can view the whole SSN, the last 4 of the SSN or not see the SSN at all. Yardi […]

Add Expense Type GL Account Security

Voyager has a useful method that allows you to control the Expense Type / GL Account relationship. For example, you have an Expense Type named Marketing, you can assign only your GL accounts that are intended for Marketing. To set this up, you’ll need to work with your Voyager System Admin. Navigate to System Administration […]

Are You Seeing Double? (On the commit payment screen)

When reviewing your payments before processing them, you notice they are higher than expected. After drilling into the detail, the amount is correct, but it is double on the summary screen. There’s an easy fix for this. Voyager has a tool that can be run called Rebuild Commit Payments. Rebuilding the commit payments is accessible […]

Run Now button is missing from Task Scheduler

When using task runner is convenient to use the Run Now button while you are testing a Task Runner Job or run on-demand if a scheduled task is missed or needs to be re-run. If you do not see the Run Now button on the Task Scheduler screen, there’s an easy fix. Voyager has an […]

Is Your GPR Out of Whack?

From time to time, you may see some inconsistent numbers on your GPR report. The GPR is dependent on the Voyager Datamart to pull the data for tenant aging and the gross potential report. The intent of the Datamart is to expedite the creation the AR and GPR reports. Generation of these reports At times, […]