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Configuring Max Total Late Fee

A recent helpdesk ticket came in asking for assistance in configuring property late fees for Cincinnati, Ohio properties. The company’s late fee policy changed to the greater of 5% of monthly rent or $25. To set this up in Property Control, you would enter the first late fee as $25 Flat Amount. In the second late fee setup you would enter 5% of monthly rent. To ensure the rule is being followed, in the Max Total Fee setup, you would enter 5% of monthly rent.

Yardi One

Is a user having unsuccessful log in attempts to Yardi One? You can track those events by reviewing the User Event Report which displays successful

Yardi One

How can you track what administrator made changes to Yardi One profiles? You can view the Audit Log report which displays changes such as user

Yardi One

You can select how long your Yardi One session is open by adjusting the Session Cookie Max. It is set at 12 hours by default