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Dynamic Property List Is Not Picking Up Recently Added Property

When a new property is added and property attributes are set, it’s expected the property will show up in a Dynamic Property List. For the most part, this does happen automatically, however, there are times when the Dynamic Property List needs to be rebuilt. No need to fret about rebuilding a property list. Yardi has a function to do this. You’ll need access to the Administration menu to run this function. Under Toolbox, click on Rebuild Dynamic Property List.

Payment Processing

How can you ensure that you receive notifications of recurring payments, failed payments, etc. By using the Payment Processing Admin role: Setup-> Email Notifications Setup.

Payment Processing

Can tenants set up recurring payments? What types of charges can they pay? Your company can customize how tenants make payments and how those payments

Rent Café Affordable Housing

Any verification or custom letters need to exist in Voyager prior to being utilized in Rent Café Affordable Housing. You can verify letters are in