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Yardi's Voyager Implementation

Whether converting from another property management solution to Yardi’s Voyager or starting fresh with Yardi’s Voyager, a successful implementation is critical. A well thought-out implementation plan must be in place to position your company for success with Yardi’s Voyager.

A successful implementation is dependent upon the preliminary work that begins as soon as the contract is signed. The first step is to start planning the transition by building a detailed implementation plan. An important part of the implementation process is for NDC to understand your current operational processes. We will perform a Business Process Review (BPR) to help define the implementation requirements. The BPR will be critical in development of the implementation plan accomplish a successful implementation.

Key Implementation Steps:

  • Initiate – Perform a BPR to get an understanding of your current operational processes. This will drive the business requirements for the Voyager implementation as well as other Yardi modules and plug-ins.
  • Plan – This is key to a successful Voyager implementation. Without a plan, there is the risk of going over budget and not achieving milestones.
  • Execute – We execute the implementation plan and the project manager will ensure you are on budget and on schedule.
  • Deploy – Once you have validated your UAT environment, we work with Yardi to get UAT converted to Live.
  • Continued Support – Once we have achieved the Go-Live, we want to continue to be your trusted advisor.

Yardi Implementations

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