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Is Your GPR Out of Whack?

From time to time, you may see some inconsistent numbers on your GPR report. The GPR is dependent on the Voyager Datamart to pull the data for tenant aging and the gross potential report. The intent of the Datamart is to expedite the creation the AR and GPR reports. Generation of these reports At times, the Datamart needs to be refreshed and reset. If you are noticing oddities with your tenant AR or the GPR reports, it may be time to reset the Datamart. To reset the Datamart, you’ll need access to the System Administration role. From Tool-Box menu, click on Reset Datamart. For larger databases, this should only be performed after hours.

Move In Date Mismatch Report

Do you need to make corrections to the move in date on the resident screen as the move in date does not match the effective