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Previewing the TIC (Tenant Income Certification) before creating a 50058 (PHA)

You can preview the TIC before creating 50058 and TIC forms. Project Based Voucher and Public Housing Layered subsidy residents can now preview the TIC. If an Affordable program is selected on the FDI Screen, the TCI preview report is found in Reports Menu of the Family Detail Screen. You can select TIC Preview- HOME and TIC Preview- Tax Credit.

Rent Café Affordable Housing

What should be the first step in preparing for Rent Café Affordable Housing? Making sure all residents have updated email addresses in Voyager. You can

Yardi One

If at any time a Yardi One Group record needs to be renamed, changes can be made without affecting users or applications tied to the

Yardi One

It is recommended to have at least two users with administrative rights to make changes to your Yardi One setup.