User Last Login


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We are introducing the User Last Login YSR report – an indispensable tool for System Administrators seeking to optimize user management within Voyager, effortlessly identifying active users and those who can be safely deactivated.

Once payment is confirmed, you will be able to download a zip file that contains everything you need to successfully install the custom YSR report.

Zip File Contents

  • YSR SQL Text File:  rs_ysr_ndc_user_activity.txt
  • YSR SQL Template File:  rs_ysr_ndc_user_activity.xlsx
  • Yardi Package file: ss_YSRCorrespondence_rs_ysr_ndc_user_activity.pkg
  • Install Guide:  NDC YSR Install Guide.pdf

Report Filters

You can select the status of users you want displayed.
Greater than # days
Select 30, 60, or 90 days.
This filter allows the exclusion of emails that end in

Report Columns

Code that is associated with the user in YardiOne/Voyager
Email that is associated with the user in YardiOne/Voyager
Last Name
Users Last Name
Active User
Yes or No indicating if the user is active or inactive
Last Login Date
This is the last time the user logged into Voyager
Days Since Last Login
The number of days between the last login and report run date/time
Last Login IP Address
The IP address associated with the users last login