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SFH – Yardi showing two different addresses for same home

In the Single Family Home (SFH) module, you may encounter where you see two addresses for the same home. In Yardi, addresses may be stored in multiple database locations. You may notice on the property screen the address is 123 Main Street, however in the search results window you may see 123 Main Avenue. To sync the addresses go to the property screen and click on edit, enter the correct version and click on save. This will sync the addresses between the property table and the address table.

Yardi One

Is a user having unsuccessful log in attempts to Yardi One? You can track those events by reviewing the User Event Report which displays successful

Yardi One

How can you track what administrator made changes to Yardi One profiles? You can view the Audit Log report which displays changes such as user

Yardi One

You can select how long your Yardi One session is open by adjusting the Session Cookie Max. It is set at 12 hours by default