Yardi's Fixed Assets Module



Charge rent, fulfill work orders, and track attributes specific to military housing needs—all in Yardi Military

Yardi's Military Module

Yardi's Military Module

Military-specific setup options make the operation of Military properties possible in the Yardi Military module. In addition to what’s offered in Residential, you are able to:

  • Set rents and other attributes based on separate FH (Family Housing) or UPH (Unaccompanied Personnel Housing) designations
  • Set up Spaces and Rooms within properties (Rooms are specifically sleeping rooms used in UPH settings)
  • Enter Unit Identification Codes that identify a U.S. DoD entity, either a service member or a civilian
  • Add military restriction and reservation rules; conditions that apply to properties, buildings, or floors that limit who may apply for a unit (based on their age, gender, military branch, and other characteristics)
  • Can toggle whether a unit is available to a civilian, or must be rented to a service member

BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) rate is the amount per month a service member is allotted for housing costs. It’s determined by ZIP Code and Pay Grade. Similar to Maximum Rents in the affordable module, the government (DoD) bases allowances on Military Housing Areas; “anchor points” are tables. BAH allotment is updated January every year; Yardi sends updates that must be copied to your reports path.

MAC – MAC transfers BAH amounts to your organization. Yardi’s Military module includes capability to export and import files in the correct format (conversion files) to send to MAC for processing. Move In Move Out (MIMO) files, required monthly by MAC, can be generated in Yardi.

From the resident record screen in the Yardi Military module, you have the ability to perform all actions related to leasing available to you in Residential and Core, in addition: swapping primary and secondary service members (in cases where both spouses are service members), add military payment arrangements, edit and view Military Rank History.

  • Mass Move-In – UPH service members can be added to the system as a batch, allowing you to assign units, post move-ins, and generate assignment letters quickly and in one place (they can additionally be imported via CSV file). Mass Move-Outs can be performed in the Yardi Military module, as well.
  • Move- Overs (similar to Unit Transfers in Affordable and PHA) can be processed and posted
  • Yardi generates required military- specific letters pre-filled with applicant/resident information, simplifying lease up and end-of-lease processes

Beyond the standard leasing workflow, Yardi Military offers:

  • Specific military application form is built into the Prospect workflow (DD Form 1746) – this is the Application for Assignment to Housing
  • Workflow-related reports that are unique to this module that can be used to simplify the leasing process: Service Member Application (Printable copy of DD Form 1746). FH Reports: Hot Sheet – shows FH units available to a prospect, includes allowed pay grades


Waitlists for Military Housing are subject to government rules and regulations. This module simplifies compliance by offering built-in functionality to assign priority levels:

  • Applicants can be assigned specific Military priority levels – Key/Essential and Top (Freeze or Non-Freeze Zone). It is possible to further configure the operation of waitlists by setting a freeze zone percentile.
  • If you utilize an enterprise Military Housing (eMH) account, Yardi can be set up to connect to the eMH database allowing you to directly move an eMH-referred prospect to a Navy waitlist in your system

Yardi Military has built in functionality to help you satisfy Navy work order reporting requirements especially those that are categorized as Life, Health, and Safety (LHS) issues. There are existing LHS categories and subcategories built in the system so that issues can be labeled and tracked as they are created. Additionally, you may use the Military Audit Analytics report to track employee changes to work orders, with time stamps.

  • Military Housing properties and posts aren’t operated like a typical multi-family housing property. In addition to the physical setup of these properties, Yardi Military allows you to charge residents rent and complete work orders that have requirements that would be very difficult to track in a Residential setup.
  • Third party integration with MAC and eMH makes placement and receiving BAH payments easy – no need for additional systems for site/accounting staff
  • Track residents who are designated FH (families) and UPH (singles), track other resident attributes needed for reporting

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