Yardi Payscan



Yardi PAYscan allows for paperless processing, integration of approval workflows, and secure storage of invoices directly in your Voyager system

Yardi Payscan

Yardi Payscan

Adding Yardi PAYscan to your system will allow for paperless processing, integration of approval workflows, and secure storage of invoices directly in your Voyager system. PAYscan also creates an automatic audit trail and reduces errors created by manual data entry.

Yardi PAYscan is user-friendly and eliminates the need for paper invoices

  • Invoices can be scanned in a set (multiple pages) – Yardi allows a user to go into the scan and add a “separator” page, or invoices can be directly uploaded into the system if sent via email
  • Eliminates time spent routing paper documents between each approval step

From System Administration, select the employees to grant access to Yardi PAYscan.

Workflows can be built specific to the Expense Type selected in the system. They are triggered automatically and can be customized to the needs of your organization. Before implementing Yardi PAYscan, you’ll want to carefully consider what group of employees should have read/write access for invoices or batches, and who should have the ability to approve invoices or batches for payment.

  • It’s recommended that an accounting supervisor have access to the Commit Payments button, for example
  • Account Expense Type Access – it is recommended that a careful analysis of staff roles is performed to ensure that access to GL codes is restricted appropriately

Dashboard templates allow you to customize the presentation of information to different users. Dashboards are highly configurable and can include several graphs and charts.

  • At least one dashboards template must be created initially, or else your users won’t see anything in the system
  • Like with back-end setup for other modules, these changes must be made by a user with Admin access.

As with Yardi’s modules, you should check the exceptions tab in Yardi PAYscan periodically to see if any errors have occurred with any invoices or payables in the system.

Yardi PAYscan Mobile is an additional piece you’ll want to consider adding to your Yardi suite; it allows maintenance and other site staff to track work orders while they’re not in the office

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Allows for processing invoices and viewing/editing invoice registers on the go
  • Widgets can be added to help your staff prioritize their invoice-related tasks yet to complete
  • Digitizes invoices – minimizes the need for manual, paper processing
  • Saves time and effort
  • Reduces “security holes” and fraud risk – permissions can be set up to prevent these issues with invoices

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