About Us

You’ve invested a lot of resources in your Yardi platform. Our unique expertise is in helping you to make the most of it. Whether it’s troubleshooting a persistent problem, creating a custom report, undertaking an enterprise-wide implementation or providing ongoing help desk services—and anything in between—we can help you. We are known as the Yardi experts for a reason—we are simply the best at solving Yardi problems.

ND Consulting History

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ND Consulting, LLC has been serving Yardi customers for almost 2 decades. Yardi expertise is in our DNA, with experience gained as Yardi employees, Yardi users, and now as Yardi problem solvers.

Today we focus on supporting the world’s preeminent real estate management platform, Yardi Voyager, and the enterprise companies that use it. As members of the Yardi Independent Consulting Network (Yardi ICN), we work closely with Yardi Systems to keep their clients happy—and productive.

Our experience is diverse, and our capabilities are comprehensive. Our services range from simple on-demand Voyager help desk support to full-blown, enterprise-wide Voyager implementations. Our commitment to you is simple—if you have a problem with Yardi Voyager, we can solve it. And if you are beginning your Yardi experience, we can help you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to optimize our clients’ return on their Yardi investment.

Core Values

Personal Accountability

Personal Accountability is at the top of our core values. At NDC, we believe that Personal accountability promotes team responsibility and ownership, leading to increased productivity and client success.

Professional Integrity

Professional Integrity fosters trust, respect and ethical behavior among our team, which ultimately leads to a positive work environment and long-term success.

Technical Expertise

Technical expertise is essential to our core values as it drives innovation and enables us to deliver quality services to our clients.

Big Picture Vision

NDCs core values are deeply influenced by our "Big Picture Vision," as it guides our team to strategize, innovate, and align their efforts towards achieving long-term objectives.

Process Efficiency

Process Efficiency is a key part of our core values, as it ensures optimal use of resources, reduces waste, and increases productivity, leading to better outcomes for both the company and our clients.

Creative Problem Solving

NDCs core value, Creative Problem Solving, empowers our team to innovate, fueling the company's growth and success.

Meet The ND Consulting Team

The ND Consulting team is a diverse group of experienced professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and capabilities. Beyond our advanced knowledge of Yardi Voyager are highly developed consulting skills, which are critical to our ongoing success. Possessing knowledge and expertise is one thing; being able to communicate it and actually solve problems is something else entirely. We do both—very well. Our team is ready to help you solve whatever Yardi Voyager challenge or problem you’re facing. We look forward to working with you and your team.

Gary Dawson
Yardi Expert & Co-Founder

As the co-founder and principal at ND Consulting, Gary Dawson sets the standard upon which all Yardi consultants are judged. As one of the preeminent expert Yardi consultants serving Voyager customers today, Gary leads a team of Yardi Experts to solve any Yardi problem efficiently and effectively. He has been working directly with the Yardi Voyager platform—as a Yardi employee, corporate user, and independent consultant—for over 12 years. With his broad and deep Yardi background combined with an innate understanding of the needs and operational requirements of Yardi Voyager users, Gary leads a team that is the best in the business. With skills ranging from Yardi Voyager configuration, setup, and custom reporting combined with impeccable client communication and service, Gary’s knowledge of the industry is second to none.

Gary Dawson LinkedIn ND Consulting

Laura Nero
Yardi Expert & Co-Founder

Co-founder and principal at ND Consulting, LLC, it’s Laura’s mission to ensure client satisfaction at every level. Laura has worked directly with Yardi Voyager for over a decade as a Yardi employee, operations user, and independent consultant. While working on the Government Services team at Yardi, Laura focused on migrating clients (including Lincoln Military Housing, Corvias Military Housing, and Hunt Military Housing) from a self-hosted environment to a Yardi-hosted environment, upgrading them to Voyager 6.0. Laura focuses heavily on the project management side of the business, ensuring best practices are followed and our client’s needs are met on every project. Laura is located on the west coast, where she lives with her four French Bulldogs.

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