Our Approach

Although we think and operate outside the box, our 4-step approach to solving Yardi problems is programmatic and systematic. 

We evaluate your Yardi installation and your internal business processes.

We first evaluate your internal business processes and your Yardi configuration.

Every real estate management company does the same things every day—and they all do those things differently. And in order for Yardi to work properly, your unique approach to running your business must map directly to your Yardi platform. This is a critical step in optimizing the ROI on your Yardi investment.

Yardi Consultant step two

We fix what’s broken and streamline everything else. 

There are a lot of variables that define how Yardi is configured. If these variables are not set up properly from the outset, Yardi will never operate properly. When this happens, clients often create ‘workarounds’ that ultimately defeat the purpose of using Yardi in the first place. Once we’ve identified the problem areas, we set them up properly. We’ll also give you expert advice on how to improve your operation and Yardi setup even further.

Yardi consultant step 3

We create a custom Yardi training program tailored to your operation.

Clients often want to start here, believing that the reason Yardi isn’t working the way they expected it to is because the staff needs better training. Rarely is this the case. The fact of the matter is that if there are flaws in the underlying business processes, or if Yardi is not set up properly—or both—no amount of training is going to make the system run better. Once your system is stable, we create custom Yardi training based on how you actually do things and how your organization actually uses Yardi.

Our best-in-class help desk solution puts a Yardi expert directly on your team.

Our program is designed to provide real-time, expert support for all Yardi issues, big or small. Since our help desk is staffed by experts in many different Yardi disciplines, we can address virtually any problem that your team encounters. And if the problem exceeds the scope of a help desk call, we’ll explain the problem in detail and give you a project estimate to resolve it. We make sure your Yardi system is up and running, all day, every day.

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