• The Problem – Find A Specific Database Value I’m writing a custom SQL report and need to find where a field is stored in the database or I’m looking for a specific column, however, I cannot recall when table the column resides. In the past, I’ve used various stored procedures
  • USE SQL’S GOTO TO BOUNCE AROUND A STORED PROCEDURE While working on a recent project, I found SQL Server’s GOTO label to skip sections of code that you don’t want to execute when various conditions have been met. In the below example from Microsoft, you see if the counter =
  • Sorting in Excel is a pretty simple #techtip, but thought I would share since several clients did not know Excel allows sorting by cell color. Use case: You have a column filled with data, and you’ve used colors to code the values. You want to sort all the “green” cells
  • Have you ever been looking for a file but cannot remember where you saved it in the thousands of folders on your laptop? After wasting a lot of time searching for the file, you remember there was a key word you within the file. You pull up Windows Explorer type
  • Need Fake Demographic Data for Testing? Creating fake data for testing purposes or coding can be a pain in the ____. There are several “fake” data generators available; however, my favorite is fakenamegenerator.com. You can select a name set, country, gender, and age. There are various demographic items you can
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