Yardi's maintenance module

Yardi Maintenance


Yardi Maintenance is an easy-to-use module that greatly simplifies tracking work orders and other property repairs

Yardi's maintenance module

Yardi's Maintenance Module

Yardi Maintenance is an easy-to-use module that greatly simplifies tracking work orders and other property repairs. With it, you have the ability to create Work Orders directly in the system, the ability to select a property and/or individual unit, and to assign a priority and track resolutions. Here are some additional benefits of Yardi Maintenance:

  • Assign separate approval workflows based on the type of Work Order
  • Create payables for labor and materials directly in the Work Order screen
  • Manage Vendors assigned to Work Orders
  • Service Request function allows site staff to quickly enter and create a Work Order during a tenant phone call
  • Create and customize notifications so that employees are notified when they have a Work Order-related task to complete
  • View entire Work Order history for a particular property or unit
  • Equipping maintenance staff with Maintenance Mobile allows them to track their time on specific Work Orders while on site
  • Customizable surveys can be generated and sent to tenants, allowing them to give feedback on completed Work Orders
  • Email templates can be created to notify several recipients – think when a repair or upgrade affects an entire building
  • Set up business hours and holidays and automatic replies for when maintenance staff are absent
  • With VENDORCafe, vendors can create a bid for your work order directly in their portal

At a high level, setup for Yardi Maintenance includes setting up maintenance parameters for properties, employees, and approval workflows. Work Order settings are then configured, and the last and optional but recommended piece is mobile application setup.

Like Property Managers and other site staff, maintenance employees are a category of Yardi users for whom you’ll want to set up a custom dashboard. After configuring permissions for their user group(s), you must associate them in the system with the properties for which they’re responsible. Yardi Maintenance also gives you the option to add labor skills, pay rate, and bill rates.

Templates can be created in the system for sets of tasks that your staff will repeatedly perform, such as unit make ready. You can specify what type of payable will be created, the employee, and the materials used, among other things to reduce site staff data entry.

The Yardi Maintenance module adds several work order related workflows that control who assigns work, who approves payables, and more. Notifications pair with

  • Setup approval processes for maintenance workers; assign appropriate approvals to maintenance managers or property managers, depending on the organization of your company
  • Yardi Maintenance tracks end-to-end maintenance – from the point a work order is created, to tracking the progress of the work itself, creates payables associated with work, priority, materials – to the point a work order is closed out
  • Maintenance staff can enter information while on a job (and on mobile devices if mobile maintenance is set up)
  • Yardi Maintenace is an important module to use if you have a large portfolio (because you’ll likely have a ton of work orders to track)
  • Notifications and calendars make scheduling easy in Yardi Maintenance – it helps property managers or maintenance managers to stay organized

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