Yardi Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and Forecasting

Yardi’s Budgeting and Forecasting module (B&F) allows agile financial planning using actual, real-time data to forecast future performance

Yardi Budgeting and Forecasting

Yardi's Budgeting and Forecasting Module

Yardi Budgeting and Forecasting allows agile financial planning using actual, real-time data to forecast future performance. Enter specific market leasing assumptions to create custom projections or to compare the impact of multiple potential scenarios. Custom fields and formulas allow you to predict future performance in different market conditions.

Initial back-end setup and configuration needed to successfully implement Yardi Budgeting and Forecasting includes:

  • Including and excluding GL accounts from budgets
  • Setting up forecasting tables – LC percent and inflation tables
    • Both inflation and LC tables can be set up so that the annual rate is either fixed or varying, and you can select to which analysis the table will apply (global, or a specific analysis); you also have the option to choose a flat rate (no table necessary)
  • Setting up permissions
    • GL account security settings can be copied from your Core setup and applied to this module to quickly and easily limit access for most users

Budget Worksheets are the primary analytic tool in the system unique to Yardi’s Budgeting and Forecasting module. Like other Yardi reports, data can be imported via Excel spreadsheet, outputs are exportable, and access to worksheets can be controlled by setting up view/edit permissions specific to the Budgeting and Forecasting module. Here is a short list of ways you might use a Budget Worksheet:

    • Add custom market leasing assumptions
    • Transfer figures from your GL directly to a worksheet; amounts from worksheets can be transferred directly into GL budgets
    • Add budget narratives
    • Generate variance analysis reports
    • Consolidate several individual budget worksheets
    • Generate revenue projections based on existing lease charges

Additionally, budgets are lockable and unlockable, so that unauthorized users cannot make changes to or delete worksheets.

Budget model templates can be used in Yardi’s Budgeting and Forecasting module to apply specialized formulas to specific accounts on your Budget Worksheets. Standard formulas are preloaded into the system, but you have the option to add more formulas as needed. It is important to note that editing of templates requires basic SQL knowledge.

Yardi’s Budgeting and Formatting module is built to give an in-depth assessment of a property’s performance. Market Leasing Assumptions give you the ability to choose specific parameters/conditions (like vacancy, etc) to predict future financial performance. This module is recommended for an owner/manager who is looking to acquire more properties. Quickly test what-if scenarios directly in Yardi instead of exporting data into Excel and inputting formulas there. Plus, budget worksheets are saved directly in the system, so they can be collaborative.

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