Our Expertise

Yardi is a part of our organizational DNA. Our founders were Yardi employees and are equipped with Yardi expertise. We cast a wide net for talent through leading industry contacts, Yardi events, and effective recruiting. Then we train our people in our methods to become Yardi experts. ND Consultants set the industry standard for excellence.

Our Expertise Spans the Universe of Yardi's Products

affordable housing house being held by hands

Yardi Affordable features built-in compliance functionality and supports the successful operation of properties with funding from the following programs: Project-Based Section 8, Section 42 LIHTC, Section 515 Rural Development, and HOME.

Budgeting And Forecasting

Budgeting and Forecasting (B&F) allows agile financial planning using actual, real-time data to forecast future performance.

Yardi's Commercial Module

Handle all components of your real estate business including invoicing, payables, budgeting, and tenant management on one platform.

Yardi's Core Module

Core Voyager

Yardi's Fixed Assets Module

The Fixed Assets module allows you to apply a depreciation formula to the purchase price of a fixed asset over time, depending on the accounting practices used by your organization.

Yardi Inventory Control

Get up-to-date access to information about your inventory – where it’s located, how much is on hand, and its location from the time of acquisition to disposal.

Yardi's Investment Accounting Module

Part of the Yardi Investment Suite, the Investment Accounting module empowers you to manage complex ownership structures.

Yardi Investment Management Module

Manage investor correspondence, manage complex financial relationships, and generate investor reports

Yardi's maintenance module

Maintenance is an easy-to-use module that greatly simplifies tracking work orders and other property repairs through Yardi implementations.

Yardi's Military Module

Military Housing

Yardi Payscan

Adding the PAYscan module will allow for paperless processing, integration of approval workflows, and secure storage of invoices directly in your Voyager system..

Yardi's PHA Module

The PHA module generates pre-filled required programmatic forms for tenants and housing providers and acts as a record for tenant and prospective tenant information, simplifying intake and recertification processes.

Yardi Residential Module

Yardi Residential is an accounting, analytics, and end-to-end property lifecycle solution.

Yardi Single Family Homes

The Single Family Homes module allows agile financial planning using actual, real-time data to forecast future performance.