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ND Consulting (NDC) assists with a variety of services to help your company make the most out of Yardi’s Voyager and Breeze solutions. We service both small and large companies.

Our Services


Yardi Voyager Implementation

Whether converting from another property management solution to Yardi’s Voyager or starting fresh with Yardi’s Voyager, a successful implementation is critical. A well thought-out implementation plan must be in place to position your company for success with Yardi’s Voyager.

Help Desk

Our team of experts span all timezone’s to offer flexible Help Desk solutions that will address your support needs. Users can access NDC support team via phone, email and our online ticketing system.


ND Consulting (NDC) has successfully completed multiple custom integrations between Yardi’s Voyager and other 3rd party systems. Below is a list of a few integrations we have performed.

Custom Reporting

At each level of the organization, data is used and analyzed differently. The combined knowledge of Yardi data, reporting, and Property Management and Accounting business processes allows us to create accurate reports based on your specification at a competitive price.

SQL Scripting

Our vast knowledge of the Yardi database allows us to create custom SQL scripts. We can write a custom script to perform a bulk update so your staff doesn’t have to do it manually! 

Yardi Breeze

Whether converting from another property management solution to Yardi’s Breeze or starting fresh, a successful implementation is critical.

Voyager System Administration

Yardi’s Voyager software serves as the foundation of company’s operations, and and facilitates the flow of information from the local property management office to the CEO. As your Yardi System administrator, NDC will make sure your system functions at peak performance.

Revenue Management

NDC will help you develop and implement pricing strategies for your portfolio. Assisting with vendor selection and acting as your internal pricing manager. We will help you identify target markets, track market trends and identify target markets.

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