Yardi Voyager Maintenance: Streamlining Your Maintenance Workflow

Automate Your Maintenance Program With Yardi Voyager Maintenance

Did you know? Yardi Voyager Maintenance can help automate your maintenance program. Yup, that’s true; you can access the maintenance feature directly through the software. This feature can help you achieve the productivity levels you want. You won’t even have to worry about losing clients. It will also increase customer satisfaction, as their requests will be promptly dealt with. This will get things done for you. Now, you’ll have the time to deal with tasks you’ve been putting off.

In this blog post, I’ll take you through the benefits of using Yardi Voyager Maintenance. So, fasten your seatbelts and let’s go for a ride.

What is Yardi Voyager Maintenance?

It is an essential feature offered within Yardi Voyager that can help streamline your workflow. This allows you to track the maintenance needs throughout your properties. You can also contact professionals needed according to the maintenance requests. This feature helps you track requests from the time they are made till the time they are resolved. In short, it is the solution to all your maintenance needs. Now, let’s take a look at how it’ll benefit your business.

Benefits of Using Yardi Voyager Maintenance

There are multiple benefits of using this feature. Some of which were briefly discussed in the previous section. The leading benefits of effectively using this feature are discussed below.

1- Enhance Customer Satisfaction

The best marketing is word of mouth. Do you know how to achieve the level of trust that forces customers to speak positively about your services? Yeah, you guessed it right: You can achieve it through customer satisfaction. But how can you enhance customer satisfaction? Simple: by taking care of their needs. 

One thing is for certain in real estate, and that is the need for maintenance. And you can promptly deal with it using the maintenance feature. This feature helps you track maintenance requests from when they are made until they are resolved. 

2- Streamline Your Workflow

What is the next thing you do after a maintenance request is made? You start working on it, right? And by working, I mean resolving it. For that, you need professionals according to the request made, whether it’s air conditioning, doors, toilets, sinks, or many other things. The Yardi Voyager Maintenance feature allows you to get hold of the professionals within the software. Helping you streamline your workflow.

3- Track The Work

Once the required professional has been dispatched to deal with the maintenance, they can update the status of the request from the mobile app. Professionals in the field can create, update, and close requests. The status is automatically updated in Voyager. 

This aspect of the feature is especially useful for those dealing with multiple rental properties. This also helps enhance customer satisfaction. Plus assists in streamlining the workflow.

4- Real Time Reporting

You also gain access to real time reporting using the maintenance feature. This helps you protect assets with accurate reports. You can also get up-to-date audit trails and insights gained through extensive tracking. This allows you to properly maintain your assets for optimal ROI. 

Now that you’ve gained extensive knowledge of the benefits, you can guess why Yardi is considered the best ERP software. If you’re still not sold, let me tell you about a feature that is almost exclusive to Yardi. The feature I am talking about is Investment Management. This feature permits you to keep track of your investments to ensure they are profitable.

Yardi Voyager Maintenance is one of many features offered in Yardi Voyager. All of the features are catered towards property managers or the business owners trying to automate repetitive tasks. All of the services the Yardi Voyager provides are considered crucial for success in real estate. So, if you’re looking to streamline your work, then Yardi is the solution. However, successfully implementing Yardi is a completely different task. It requires the help of a consultant with expertise tailored to provide solutions to your Yardi needs.


To recap, let’s start with the most obvious, the Yardi Voyager Maintenance. In the contents above, I explained how you can automate your work flow using this feature. I also talked about some benefits of using this feature. Benefits like how it can help enhance customer satisfaction. I also explained how you can track the work and access real time reporting. 

I also touched on the point on how Yardi Voyager can be a game changer. All the features mentioned cater towards automating repetitive tasks. Lastly, the one thing that you need before trying to implement Yardi is expert consultation. I know you probably think that your in-house team can handle it, but that’ll not be the case. So, whenever you decide to get an expert, make sure he has the expertise tailored for your needs.