Yardi Voyager API Integration

Guide To Yardi Voyager API Integration

Integrating Yardi Voyager API into your current property management system is a smart move. Because you are reading this, you are already a smart person ready to make the smart move. Although you might not have the knowledge or skills required to integrate the Yardi Voyager API, that doesn’t mean it has to be a hassle for you. You can successfully integrate Yardi Voyager with the help of an independent Yardi consultant like ND Consulting

Independent consultants are certified Yardi partners that provide solutions to all your Yardi problems. Although you can try integrating Yardi yourself, relying on Yardi support and your in-house tech team, this approach is often unsuccessful. This is because only a select few people have the knowledge and experience to handle this process smoothly. However, there is no need for you to worry. However, you need not worry; you can understand how Yardi Voyager API can be integrated into your current property management system once you go through this guide. But first, let me tell you a bit about what Yardi Voyager is.

Yardi Voyager Features

What is Yardi Voyager?

It is a property management system that provides solutions to all your real estate business’s needs. It is cloud-based, meaning you can access data whenever and wherever you want, helping streamline your processes. You get access to all the tools required to manage and track all your real estate investments and properties in a single place. Some of the properties that you can manage using Yardi Voyager include;

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Affordable Housing
  • Self Storage
  • Senior living

These are just a few from a list of many. Yardi Voyager is a powerful tool combining all aspects of a real estate business in a user-friendly interface. 

Now that I have told you a bit about Yardi Voyager and what it can do, let’s get back to the topic and figure out why and how to integrate Yardi Voyager API.

Why Integrate Yardi Voyager API

There are multiple reasons to integrate Yardi Voyager API; some of them are;

  • Yardi is the top property management software in the market. It is also an industry pioneer and serves more than 13 million rental units.
  • Yardi has more than 300 implementation partners, making it the most integrated property management software. This also means you’ll not have to worry about the integration process.

How To Integrate Yardi Voyager API?

The 5 steps to integrate Yardi Voyager API are listed below.

  1. Submitting the Standard Interface Partner Program application is the first step. You have to provide the contact information of three mutual clients in the application process.
  2. The next step is to sign a separate agreement for each Yardi interface you want to integrate with your application. An annual fee of $25,000 is charged for each interface you integrate.
  3. The third step is to build your Yardi integration. Yardi will provide all the credentials required for the process.
  4. The second last step is to find a pilot client to beta-test the functionality of your integration. This is also a part of the approval process.
  5. Launching the application is the final step. Once the approval process is finished, all Yardi customers can access your application. 

Features Offered in Yardi Voyager

Yardi offers multiple features targeted at managers looking to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflow. Below are some of the features offered in Yardi Voyager.

  • Integrated Accounting System: This feature is extremely helpful for anyone in the real estate industry because many accounts associated with properties need to be managed. With Voyager’s integrated accounting system, you can manage all these accounts in a single place. 


  • Lease Management: This feature accurately measures the performance of all your investments and assets, helping reduce the risk.


  • Investment Management: This feature gives you insights into your investments and helps ensure they are still generating profit. It does that by generating custom reports that take many data points into account. Data like resident data and previous performances are used in the reports.


  • Facilities Management: This feature lets you track and manage maintenance requests across all your properties. This can also increase customer satisfaction, leading to easier customer acquisition and retention. 

The four features mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. Yardi Voyager API offers many more benefits that help multinational firms streamline their large-scale operations and focus on what’s really important.


In conclusion, integrating the Yardi Voyager API opens many new pathways for you to streamline your business processes. Independent Yardi consultants like ND Consulting can help you with the integration process and then some. Yardi is the top property management software available in the market. It serves more than 13 million rental units. Not benefitting from it will not be considered a smart move. You can learn how to integrate the Yardi Voyager API by following this guide.