How to Prepare For An Upgrade To Yardi Voyager Software

How to Prepare For An Upgrade To Yardi Voyager Software

Yardi has been providing asset management software like Yardi Voyager Software for more than three decades. This can be considered an eternity in the software world and, more importantly, proptech. Many of Yardi’s clients have used their solutions for quite a long time. Due to growth, management requirements, or competitive necessity, pressure can force many legacy and Yardi Breeze users to upgrade to Yardi Voyager Software.

Upgrading to the most recent version of Yardi is a valuable chance to develop a business’s understanding of the process. The updates every now and again bring astounding changes. These improvements are generally for the better. As an independent Yardi consultant, ND Consulting is your implementation partner who will guide you through the implementation process to the ideal outcome. 

We recommend the following to our clients at the preparation stage.

Know Your Requirements for Yardi Voyager Software

The changes can be surprising for organizations moving from an older, more established version of Yardi to Voyager. All of the old abilities are there, with further developed interfaces and new instruments for overseeing and controlling information. The new abilities in the most recent Voyager software offer clients the chance to refine and sometimes replace well-established processes.

Review your requirements for the platform to get the most out of the Yardi Voyager software from day one. You can do that by answering the following questions:

  • How is the existing management software being used?
  • What limitations in the existing platform can Voyager solve?
  • How can it improve processes like project management and rent collection?

Finding answers to these questions is demanding; we bring our experience to help you understand the process and answer these questions. We understand how to get the most out of Yardi Voyager for sophisticated Yardi users.

Change How You Work Accordingly

Cloud-based capacity, integration capabilities, and a tremendous set-up of secluded capacities make Yardi Voyager a new tool in many ways. However, it is common for business owners, managers, and in-house IT experts to have a “Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broken” attitude toward the Voyager upgrade. But it is also common for business owners to change their minds when discovering Voyager’s new opportunities. 

When everything is available from the cloud, business owners and managers frequently access their data set more regularly and in specific situations. Offering an itemized response to a number inquiry can be pretty much as straightforward as getting your iPad. Such smoothed-out capacities raise requests for new tools, such as modified reports and perspectives, to make those noon discussions much more helpful.

Map Out A Training For Your Team

New tools require training to master, and the same is true for your team regarding the Yardi Voyager software. We at ND Consulting work closely with you to understand where your team can improve and what training can help them improve. Clients and their teams need extra guidance before and during the implementation process for it to be completed smoothly. We ensure the implementation of support strategies at every stage of the process.

Upgrade To Yardi Voyager Software 

These training efforts have proven to be very useful for many clients.

  • Yardi’s help desk is a great first stop for addressing technical questions. The problem with this approach is that the help desk might not always have the answers. This leaves you waiting for your ticket to be moved forward within Yardi’s support team while your implementation process is at a standstill.


  • Arranging training sessions for your team to correspond with launch day can help your team hit the ground running. This allows them to begin using their newly acquired skills right away.


  • Modified support documents, given straightforwardly inside Yardi and made to match the client’s favored style, can quickly and simply respond to the inquiries that surface most frequently within a specific business or group.


  • The main long periods of time spent utilizing a new version of Yardi are crucial for developing positive routines and tending to information gaps.

At ND Consulting, we understand each client’s unique needs and provide versatile support throughout and even after the implementation process. 

Yardi Voyager Software acts as your property management assistant and can help streamline your processes. This gives you the much needed time to focus on what’s really important. 


Yardi has provided asset management software through three decades. This is not a small feat, especially in the proptech industry. Many business owners and managers in the real estate industry have been using Yardi software for a long time. However, business growth and industry requirements can force legacy and breeze users to consider a Yardi Voyager upgrade. Many owners, business managers, and in-house IT experts have a “Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broken” attitude, but their minds change when they look at the potential benefits Yardi Voyager Software offers. At ND Consulting, we not only help you through the implementation process, but we also help you prepare for it.