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Proper Way to Write Off Partially Paid Invoice

There are times when you have made a partial payment on an invoice and you want to write off the balance. To write off the remainder do the following: Create a payable batch in the amount of the write off. Next, on the payable screen, set the payment type to credit. This will create a credit for the amount to be written off. Next, you’ll need to navigate to the Process Checks dashboard,. You’ll see the payable and a corresponding amount to create a zero dollar check. The two items will cancel each other and allow for the invoice to be closed. For this to work, checks should be set to consolidate.

Payment Processing

How can you ensure that you receive notifications of recurring payments, failed payments, etc. By using the Payment Processing Admin role: Setup-> Email Notifications Setup.

Payment Processing

Can tenants set up recurring payments? What types of charges can they pay? Your company can customize how tenants make payments and how those payments

Rent Café Affordable Housing

Any verification or custom letters need to exist in Voyager prior to being utilized in Rent Café Affordable Housing. You can verify letters are in