yardi Investment Management Suite Overview

What Is Yardi Voyager Maintenance?

Yardi Voyager Maintenance is a simple-to-utilize module that enormously improves the follow-up of work orders and other property fixes. With it, you can make Work Requests straightforwardly in the framework, choose a property as well as an individual unit, relegate a need, and track goals.

Benefits Of Yardi Voyager Maintenance

Yardi Voyager Maintenance offers multiple benefits; some are discussed below.

  1. Appoint separate endorsement work processes according to the kind of Work Requests.
  2. Make payables for work and materials straightforwardly in the Work Order screen.
  3. Oversee Vendors doled out to Work Orders.
  4. The service request function permits site staff to enter and create work rapidly.
  5. Order during an occupant call.
  6. Make and redo notices so that representatives are informed when they have a Work Order-related task to finish.
  7. View the whole Work Order history for a specific property or unit.
  8. Outfitting upkeep staff with maintenance mobile permits them to follow their experience with unambiguous work orders while on location.
  9. Adjustable studies can be created and shipped to occupants, permitting them to give input on finished Work Orders.
  10. Email formats can be made to inform a few beneficiaries. Think about when maintenance or updates influence the entire building.
  11. Set up business hours and occasions and program answers for when support staff are absent.
  12. With VENDORCafe, sellers can bid for your work order in their portal.

Now that I have explained the benefits let’s examine how to set up Yardi Voyager Maintenance.

How To Setup Yardi Voyager Maintenance?

At a higher level, the arrangement for Yardi Voyager Maintenance incorporates setting up upkeep boundaries for properties, representatives, and endorsement work processes. Work Order settings are then designed; the last and optional yet suggested piece is a portable mobile application setup.

Like Property Managers and other site staff, support representatives are a class of Yardi clients for whom you’ll need to set up a custom dashboard. After designing authorizations for their client group(s), you should connect them in the framework with their answerable properties. Yardi Support allows you to add work abilities, pay, and bill rates.

Layouts can be made in the framework for sets of errands that your staff will repeatedly perform, such as unit preparation. To decrease site staff information passage, you can determine what kind of payable will be made, the worker, and the materials utilized.

The Yardi Voyager Maintenance module adds a few work request-related processes that control who relegates work and who endorses payables, and the sky is the limit from there. Set up approval processes for support laborers; appoint suitable endorsements to support directors or property supervisors, contingent upon your company’s organization.

Although I’ve outlined the entire setup process, many people who lack the expertise and knowledge of the module still cannot set it up properly. However, this does not stop them from trying. You need an independent consultant to guide you through the process smoothly. 

 Yardi Voyager Maintenance Module Overview

Why Do You Need The Yardi Voyager Maintenance?

  • Yardi Voyager Maintenance tracks start to finish upkeep – from the point a work order is made to following the advancement of the actual work, makes payables related with work, need, and materials – to the point a work order is finished off.
  • Maintenance staff can enter data while on a task (and on cell phones in the event that portable upkeep is set up)
  • Yardi Voyager Maintenance is a significant module to utilize if you have a vast portfolio (since you’ll probably have a lot of work orders to track). This module is a game changer for real estate business owners or managers operating at a higher level. 
  • Notices and schedules make booking easy in Yardi Voyager Maintenance – it helps property managers or maintenance managers to remain coordinated.

Do You Even Need Support For Yardi Voyager Maintenance?

You can try to DIY your way through the implementation process, but this approach is met with failure. This is because only a select few people have the knowledge and the expertise to handle Yardi implementations smoothly. You can rely on the Yardi help desk and your in-house IT team if you want. But as helpful as the Yardi help desk is, they do not have the answers to problems that are unique to you. What about the IT team, then? If you have a person with multiple years of experience in the real estate industry and knowledge of the Yardi systems in your IT team, then you might not need any external support. Since that is most likely not the case, employing outside help in the form of independent consultants like ND Consulting will be a smart move. 

At ND Consulting, we proudly say, “Yardi is a part of our organizational DNA.” That is because our founders were a part of Yardi once. They realized that Yardi users could benefit from their expertise, and have been providing Yardi support ever since.