Inventory Control

Yardi’s Inventory Control module gives you up-to-date access to information about your inventory – where it’s located, how much is on hand, and its location from the time of acquisition to disposal.

Yardi Inventory Control

Yardi's Inventory Control Module

Integrating Yardi’s Inventory Control module into your setup gives you up-to-date access to information about your inventory – where it’s located, how much is on hand, and its location from the time of acquisition to disposal. Here’s a short list of other benefits of Yardi Inventory Control:

  • Ability to add regularly grouped items to a “kit” to quickly process distribution requests
  • Reordering Inventory can be done directly in the system, and doing so auto-generates a Purchase Order
  • Reconciliation completed in the system; prior to completing a physical check of items, run a Physical Inventory report to create a paper checklist for staff in charge of physical count
  • Easily generatable reports give you a summary of inventory activity for any location, date range, operation type, or specific item type
  • Minimized data entry; ability to enter items in bulk
  • Ability to designate a preferred supplier for an inventory item
  • Flexibility to add several user-defined fields to inventory records
  • Pairs well with Maintenance functionality in the system; items can be checked out for Work Orders, physical inventory counts are automatically updated
  • Users can add inventory items into the system in several different ways, allowing for multiple customizable workflows and approval systems based on your specific needs

Like other modules, implementing Yardi Inventory Control requires uploading current system data into Yardi, and can be done manually or by using the system’s ETL tool. On the back end, you must define categories of inventory (to group like items together), set up item templates, add inventory locations, set up user defined fields, and add item categories.

  • With a large portfolio, owners are more likely to have more maintenance needs that necessitate keeping materials on hand. Yardi Inventory Control keeps track of inventory from the point of purchase – where it’s located, how much is available, etc
  • Keeping accurate counts of inventory on hand is very important for things like large-scale rehab projects
  • As an owner/manager, there are certain items you’ll want to ensure that you have on hand, like smoke detectors (items related to life/safety issues that need to be repaired ASAP)
  • As with other modules, the more accounting information that you’re able to add directly to Yardi Inventory Control (rather than keeping separate books) the easier your reporting, year-end accounting processes, and more will be
  • Simplifies repeat orders – less data entry for site staff
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