Yardi Investment Management Module

Investment Management

Investment Management

Yardi’s Investment Management module helps you manage investor correspondence and complex financial relationships, and generate investor reports

Yardi Investment Management Module

Yardi's Investment Management Module

Yardi’s Investment Management module equips you with the ability to manage investor correspondence, manage complex financial relationships, and generate investor reports, including capital roll forward reports, IRR reports, and unfunded equity reports, and much more. It tracks financial transactions in your hierarchy and maintains the General Ledger for each entity as well as separate subledgers for each investor. Here are some additional benefits of adding Yardi Investment Management:

  • Fees, income from underlying properties can be distributed upwards, contributions can be distributed downwards – batch allocations can be used to transfer funds to committed entities
  • Simplified accounting – eliminates the need for multiple investor accounts on your GL
  • Adds transaction types not included in Core that are specific to contributions, distributions, waterfalls, and Preferred Returns distributions
  • Batch allocation functionality reduces data entry for single transaction-type batches; multi-type batches can be processed as well
  • Transaction type setup allows you to control the direction of cash flow in the system, as it relates to return reports
  • Tax withholding functionality automatically calculates the amount to withhold from each investor’s distribution

Yardi Investment Management implementation necessitates setting up additional workflows that restrict the creation of entities or the allocation of income. Because you must associate workflows with specific entities, there are a few different approaches to setting up workflows.

You have the option to create broad or very granular workflows that involve a combination of restrictions on users based on entity and specific task. As with other modules, it is recommended that two distinct users have the ability to create and to post batches, and the ability to reverse batches is limited to a Controller.

Commitments/ownership records are tracked directly in the system. You can assign a percentage of ownership to each investor and add associated ownership dates.

IM Dashboard View gives a high-level summary of Investor/Investment activity, includes charts and linked reports.

Advantages of Yardi’s Investment Management Module:

  • Reporting is very customizable and can be sent directly from Yardi to third parties – no need to create reports outside of the system, easier to stay in compliance with reporting requirements
  • Errors are minimized because data isn’t transferred out of the system and complex calculations are automated
  • Like with other modules, processes can be automated, reports can be scheduled and customized – this can be especially useful if you’re in charge of reporting on the health of an investment
  • Automate submission of NCREIF, IPD, and GIPS performance metrics

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