Using Yardi Voyager Reports To Enhance Organizational Communication

Using Yardi Voyager Reports To Enhance Organizational Communication

Yardi Voyager has proved to be a game changer in the real estate industry. It is one of the most comprehensive and probably the best property management software on the market. Voyager allows users to manage every aspect of their business in one place. 

Since it is cloud-based, users can access Yardi Voyager Reports in real-time. This allows users to log in from any computer anywhere, making it easier for your team to handle essential tasks. Yardi Voyager also allows the leadership immediate access to what they need, helping them make informed business decisions. 

Yardi offers multiple reporting tools that help streamline the workflow. In this blog post, we will look at different Yardi reporting tools and their benefits and determine under which circumstances clients get the most out of them.

Standard Tools For Everyday Yardi Voyager Reports

Clients assume they need to build custom Yardi Voyager Reports, but that is not true. Yardi Voyager is a comprehensive property management software that offers many reports and analytics with just a simple click. You will find a report or function in Voyager that does what you need, saving you the need to waste time and money building something from scratch. 

Yardi Voyager Reports

The most popular standard Yardi Voyager reports that clients use on a daily basis are:

  • General Ledger: High-level capacity to cover the GL subtleties at different outline degrees.


  • Financial Analytics: This contains all the standard financial reports that accountants need, with the adaptability of standard or custom record trees.


  • Segment Analytics: Like financial analytics, segment analytics contain each of the standard monetary reports for checking on the monetary well-being of an element or property. Yet, it also considers further breakouts by GL portion.


  • Multiple residential management reports.


  • Offers diverse ways to look at different transaction types.


  • Bank analytics reports to help with bank functions and recs.


  • Commercial Analytics: Contains all standard reports for auditing business working properties, including property level, rent level, unit level, and client level. This detailing likewise contains numerous standard business KPI calculations.

These are just a few standard reporting tools that Yardi Voyager offers. One vital benefit of the current report choices is that they have insignificant framework necessities and expert information. They will work for anybody with the proper access and who comprehends how to finish a reporting channel. You will get a report in proper format, which you can then export to Excel and PDF. These tools can dive into the fundamental transactions and are updated progressively by the clients recording the activity.

Creating Custom Yardi Voyager Reports

You can create custom Yardi reports using Yardi Spreadsheet Reporting. In years past, spreadsheet reports (SSRs) replaced the obsolete Crystal reporting technology, yet presently, SSRs have been supplanted by this astounding tool that explicitly worked for Yardi Databases.

YSR can create presentation-quality reports in Excel and Word. Not all analytic reports are accessible in YSR at the current time, yet the list of those that are accessible is still developing. Excel-based expectations might result in savvy workmanship, such as diagrams and graphs. An advantage of using YSR is that it allows you to leverage pre-built Yardi analytics reports.

Creating A YSR Report

It takes practice, persistence, and relevant Yardi knowledge for everything to work correctly while creating a YSR report. 

The first requirement is the data. At this stage, you should let YSR know which examination report you will utilize. If you have made a custom SQL script, you should also let YSR know where the document is located. Furthermore, if you are utilizing more than one report or script file, you need to let YSR know how they fit together.

Next, you must use filters to create the specific report you want. This implies assembling all the data sources vital for your report to utilize your filter choices accurately.

The last step is creating an Excel or Word file to put the data where you want it, and in the format you want. Once you have placed the data where it needs to go, you have to tell YSR how to find it. 

Everyone from your senior leadership to customer support staff and tenants may need to access data whenever they want. Using an exceptional reporting tool like YSR allows everyone involved to access data anytime and anywhere. 

Using Yardi Voyager Reports ensures that you provide exceptional services to your clients and customers that they expect from you.


You can enhance customer satisfaction by benefiting from the accurate use of Yardi Voyager Reports. Yardi offers multiple tools to generate reports for everyday use. You don’t have to create custom reports for general ledgers, financial analytics, commercial analytics, and much more. In the event that you need to create a custom report, you can use Yardi spreadsheet reporting (YSR). This tool gives you complex, presentation-quality reports, which you can export to Excel or Word files and in the format you want.