yardi Investment Management Suite Overview

Yardi Investment Management Suite Explained

The Yardi Investment Management Suite brings a great deal to the table. Yardi’s innovation is likely the most extraordinary in the real estate business. You can fit the framework to your prerequisites with various choices and additional movable features. Albeit that is what is going on, it very well might be puzzling to know unequivocally how to implement Yardi to meet your endeavor needs now and again. Here is our explanation of Yardi’s Investment Management Suite so you can arrive at better-instructed decisions about your Yardi hypothesis and the business’s needs. Let’s take a look at what exactly the Yardi Investment Management Suite is.

What Is Yardi Investment Management Suite?

The Yardi Investment Management Suite, also known as investment management in the past, is Yardi’s solution for investment managers and investors simultaneously. By using the investment management suite, you can streamline your capability by automating key tasks and joining speculation information. Yardi consolidates various things inside its investment management suite: investment accounting, investment management, investor analytics, examination, and debt management. Yardi’s Investment Management Suite is configurable, meaning you have to decide which things you want. This makes it huge for you to know which things offer what benefits so you can change the courses of action they convey with your prerequisites.

Products In The Yardi Investment Management Suite

As mentioned above, the Yardi Investment Management Suite integrates different items that you can utilize. Taking into account what sort of development game plan you’re looking for, Yardi pitches a fit to your prerequisites. Here is a short framework of the items inside the Yardi Investment Management Suite so you can make better-taught decisions as to which products can help.

Investment Accounting

With Investment Accounting, you can set up an endeavor hierarchy, perform money related associations, and interface with capital trades. Trades like responsibilities, transports, and circulations. Similarly, Investment Accounting works by analyzing your endeavor and investor trades — including related accounting.

Investment Manager

The Investment Manager is a Yardi thing expected to engage in joint effort and correspondence with current and arranged monetary sponsors through a Monetary Sponsor Passage. With investment manager, you can follow your financial backers, speculations, unique open doors, financial backer correspondences, capital following, and its associated bookkeeping. This stage can be executed as an enhancement to Yardi Explorer or as a free plan.

Performance Manager

Performance Manager is a business understanding instrument focused on giving interior partners information about their portfolios. It utilizes reports and examinations to investigate and survey speculations and venture execution. 

Debt Manager

It is a Yardi submodule that can be integrated with the Yardi Investment Management Suite. With debt manager, you can automate portions for moneylenders and charges for borrowers. You can also manage complex amortizations, track guarantees, costs, and assurance, track financial backer movement, process monetary beneficiary trades, and separate credit execution.

Document Manager

Document manager is an integrated Yardi solution that utilizes a client’s SharePoint and the Microsoft Cloud. Repeating customized information sync occurs, so revives are made in the system toward the end, and clients reflect precisely what was changed.

Expert Consultation for Yardi Investment Solutions

How To Know Which Yardi Investment Management Products You Need?

Yardi offers a ton in the investment management suite. Although this is valuable, it is always now and again overpowering to know where to start. Each investment portfolio is intriguing, and your speculation targets are intended for you. To that end, you truly ought to tailor your Yardi environment for you rather than change it to match an industry standard.

If you still need clarification about what products you should use from Yardi Investment Management Suite, an independent consultant, for example, ND Consulting, is an extraordinary method to begin with. By working straightforwardly with a specialist, you exploit ace industry and development data. Our experts will talk about your targets and lead a business assessment. When done, your business examination will give key bits of knowledge regarding what you ought to do now to accomplish your targets later. This way, while you’re looking to integrate the Yardi Investment Management Suite, you can start with what Yardi products you need instead of paying for what you don’t.

Benefits Of The Yardi Investment Management Suite

Yardi Investment Management Suite offers multiple benefits regardless of what investment management products you decide to leverage.

  • Automates tasks to save time.
  • Avoid general record complexities for investment accounting by utilizing sub-ledgers.
  • It lessens the chance of human error by eliminating physically determined calculation sheets.
  • Advancing straightforwardness for your investors through joining primary data into a singular, open source, allowing streamlined specifying.


Yardi Investment Management Suite is one of the many features Yardi offers real estate business owners and managers. This feature allows you to access multiple products and handle all your investment management tasks in a single place. However, you’ll need help figuring out which investment management products you need. You can get help from an independent consultant like ND Consulting. Yardi is a part of our organizational DNA and can help provide solutions to all your Yardi needs.