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Yardi’s Investment Management Suite: Features and Its Benefits

Yardi’s investment management suite has a lot to offer. Their technology is probably the most incredible in the real estate business. With numerous choices and adjustable additional items, you can tailor the system to your requirements. Although that is the situation, it may be confounding to know precisely how to design Yardi to meet your venture needs once in a while. Here is our breakdown of Yardi’s Investment Management Suite so you can come to better-educated conclusions about your Yardi speculation and the executive’s needs.

What is Yardi’s Investment Management Suite?

Yardi’s Investment Management Suite, previously known as investment management, is Yardi’s solution for investment managers and investors at the same time. By utilizing their product, you can smooth out your proficiency by automating key assignments and uniting investment data. Yardi incorporates numerous items inside their investment suite: investment accounting, investment manager, investor analytics, examination, and debt manager. Yardi’s Investment Suite is configurable, meaning you have choices to pick which items you need. This makes it significant for you to know which items offer what benefits, so you can adjust the arrangements they carry with your requirements.

Products In The Yardi’s Investment Management Suite

As referenced above, Yardi’s Investment Suite incorporates various products that you can use. Considering what kind of innovation arrangement you’re searching for, Yardi throws a tantrum to your requirements. Here is a short outline of the products inside the Yardi Investment Suite so you can make better-educated choices in regard to what products will help you:

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Investment Accounting


With Yardi Voyager’s Investment Accounting, you can set up a venture pecking order, perform monetary unions, and interact with capital exchanges like commitments, conveyances, and distributions. Likewise, Investment Accounting works by examining your venture and financial backer exchanges—including related accounting.


Investment Manager


Investment Manager is a Yardi item expected to empower joint effort and correspondence with current and planned financial backers through a Financial backer Entry. With Investment Manager, you can track your investors, investments, opportunities, investor correspondences, capital tracking and its connected accounting. This stage can be executed as a supplement to Yardi Voyager or as an independent arrangement.


Performance Manager


Performance Manager is a business insight instrument zeroed in on giving internal stakeholders data about their portfolios. It works with the analysis and review of investments and investment performance using reports and analytics.


Debt Manager


It is a Yardi submodule that can integrate with Investment Management. With Debt Manager, you can mechanize installments to moneylenders and charge to borrowers. It additionally permits you to oversee complex amortizations, track collateral, expenses, and protection, track investor activity, process financial backer exchanges, and break down loan performance.

Document Manager

It is an integrated solution that uses a client’s SharePoint and the Microsoft Cloud. Repeating programmed data sync happens, so refreshes are made in the framework by the end, and clients reflect accurately after being modified.

How Will You Know Which Products You Need?

Yardi offers a lot in the investment management suite. Although this is useful, it is frequently overwhelming to know where to begin. Every investment portfolio is interesting, and your investment targets are specific to you. That is why you really should tailor your Yardi climate for you, as opposed to adjusting to an industry standard.

If you are questioning what products you should leverage from Yardi, a consultant such as ND Consulting is a great way to start. By working directly with a consultant, you exploit master industry and innovation information. Our specialists will discuss your objectives and conduct a business examination. When finished, your business investigation will give key insights regarding what you should do now to achieve your objectives later. Along these lines, while you’re taking a gander at Yardi Investment Management Suite, you can begin with what Yardi items you want as opposed to paying for what you don’t.

Benefits of Yardi’s Investment Management Suite

Regardless of which Yardi products you choose to leverage, Yardi’s Investment Management Suite provide multiple benefits, such as:

  • Saving your time by automating tasks.
  • Stay away from general record intricacies for investment accounting using subledgers.
  • Eliminating physically determined calculation sheets and lessening human blunder.
  • Promoting transparency for your investors through uniting critical information into a solitary, open source, permitting smoothed-out detailing.

Need Help?

At ND Consulting, we’re common in the intricacies engaged in concluding which Yardi products are the best fit for you. Despite the fact that Yardi has a ton of integral assets to utilize, it tends to overpower. Our group of consultants combine real estate industry knowledge with Yardi’s specialized aptitude to guarantee that your Yardi is advanced and explicitly meets your interesting requirements. Assuming you’re looking to either engage with investment management inside the real estate business or to use innovation to acquire a benefit in the business, we’re here to help.